Dayse Neri de Souza has a degree in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy of Recife FAFIRE / Federal University of Pernambuco UFPE (1989). Currently works as Invited Assistant Professor of the Department of Education, University of Aveiro (UA). She is a teacher of the course Research Methodology in Education, both in the Masters in Teaching and the Doctoral Program in Education, author of Software IARS® (Isabel Alarcão Research Software®) and trainer of the course Use of Software webQDA® for Qualitative Data Analysis. She is also a lecturer on these topics, particularly on qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

She supervises students of Masters and PhD and has publications in her areas of expertise. Member of the Research Centre “Didactics and Technology in Teacher Education” (CIDTFF).

Over the past four years, she has developed studies in the field of aging and informal caregivers of seniors and was a Project Coordinator of informal caregivers of seniors with funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Currently coordinates the project “Teaching Innovation in the Process of Supervising and Developing Research Projects”, also with funding from the FCT.