In a research project, the definition of codes, also called categories, dimensions, constructs, among others, depends, essentially, on the researcher’s methodological options. In the definition of codes, the researcher can follow an open (inductive), closed (deductive) model or a mixed model. Regardless of the path followed, webQDA allows the user to reuse all structures created in a project’s Coding System (Free Codes, Tree Codes, Descriptors, Font Classification and Code Classification) in a new project. For this, we present the following steps:

1) Select the project for which you want to import the Codes (see figure 1)

2) Click on Import Codes (see figure 1)

Figure 1 – Importing Codes into a project

3) Double click on the project in which you want to import the codes (see figure 2)

4) Select what you want to import (see Figure 2)

Figure 2 – Selecting Codes through existing projects

After clicking “Import”, the selected codes will be incorporated in the project (selected in point 1). Only the code structure is imported, without content / references. This operation can only be performed in the projects in which you are Owner/Manager.

This feature allows you to significantly reduce the time spent creating the code structure because it prevents this process from being manual when the intended structure is similar to that of an already developed project. This way, webQDA assists the researcher in optimizing their research process.

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